Payday Loan Fraud
October 12, 2020

If you are running short of cash and require short notice, then relying on payday loans is surely a good idea for many. When your next payday is far away you can trust on these loans to access quick cash advance to carry off some urgent fiscal demands well on time. We are quite expensive as it comes with higher interest charges and high APR. This is a growing short term loan solution which turns worse with payday loan scams. An online payday loan fraud not only just harms you financially but mentally as well. Instead of living life in fear and depression, it is better to search for steps to beware of online payday loan scams.

Check Out The Things To Avoid Becoming a Victim of Online Payday Loan Fraud-

  1. Gain knowledge about NCL’s Fraud Center at, which is local law enforcement where you can file a complaint if you ever become a victim of a payday loan scam. You should know where and when to approach for help in tough times.
  2. Stealing of personal information is a punishable offence. Scammers who steal your personal information generally committed to identity theft.
  3. You should be careful enough while applying for loans through online medium.
  4. When you receive a call asking for payment deposit in their authorized account for payday loans then tell the scammers to only contact you via mail and provide written proof of the debt amount in question.
  5. If the scammer informs you that he is calling from any particular law enforcement agency or financial institutions then hang up and call the organization in question directly and confirm.
  6. If you get a series of multiple calls then you should completely ignore it and stop responding to it.
  7. It is important for you to know that payday loan customers will not be direct if they fail to pay off borrowed funds in due time.
  8. Ask the debt collector name, address, contact numbers, identity proof and if you are unsure of his identity then immediately call the police and file a complaint.
  9. Make sure to put good quality antivirus software and check for viruses in your computer when applying for a payday loan.
  10. Some scammers will send you an email from fake email addresses and might ask you to provide personal information or to click on the given link in the email. Always check the website of renowned lender directly and visit its contact us page to confirm the same.
  11. If scammers threaten you then you should call the police without wasting your time anymore.

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