At, Payday Zoo, we provide a great platform to help you connect with the efficient network of reputable direct lenders in the market place and find the service that matches with your profile the most.

To get qualified with Payday Zoo, you must:

  • Permanent resident of UK
  • Hold valid bank account to fund the loan
  • Full-time employed with regular earnings
  • An adult with eighteen years or above

Very simple! Quickly complete 100 percent free online application form with mandatory details that will be accessed within 24 hours.

You can borrow the small amount of up to 1000 pounds. The duration can be extended up to 12 months with the advantage of easy instalment procedure.

Borrowed money should be used for fulfilling the short term emergency financial needs and not for frivolous or luxurious desires.

We offer free of cost services. So, there is no processing fees or hidden charges to pay. Interest rates or other attached fees will be charged by the direct lender as a part of your agreement.

Yes, you can repay back the loan amount earlier than the scheduled date. However, keep in mind that prepayment of loan will be associated with some additional penalties.

Yes, you can cancel the application at any time without any trouble.

In case if you are unable to repay back the loan for any possible reason, contact your lender ASAP. The sooner you tell them, the sooner they will arrange the suitable payment plan that works best for you. Do not be afraid and just pick up the phone to get the immediate help.